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Saturday, February 20, 2010

AFDOC Week 7: Write it to Right it.

Made it to Chapter 12 with humongous additions and deletions and new ideas and solidified some personality traits I had been toying with for a few of the characters.

I truly never understood until I started tearing my book apart that all the writing books and almost all the speakers on writing that I've listened to were right. Duh as the kids say. You have to write it before you can right it. {I just made that up. Isn't it neat?} This is my new mantra. One of my writing friends and I commiserated last week about how complicated the revision process is and how much easier it is to cut those sacred cows we've been hanging on to for so long. I wonder why that is? Have we grown wiser? Are we better writers? Nah, I think we're fed up and want it over with. NOT! Also as the kids say. It's a process - a real honest-to-goodness process. What a joy to reach this stage. I've been blessed with some excellent mentors and they haven't failed me yet. Writing in isolation is not where it's at - another good kid' saying.

Last week's fifties picture was a turn-table disk that allowed you to play 45rpm records on your stereo. Here's a new picture from the fifties. Try mailing manuscripts with this baby.


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