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Thursday, February 25, 2010

She's baa-ack . . .

Everyone take a deep breath, cj is in the building. Been gone to help eyes heal after surgery. Hasn't happened yet, but I can see well enough to blog. My visit to the opthalmologist three weeks after surgery to have new glasses prescribed went thud. My vision isn't stable enough so I have to wait another month. Biggest bother is that they get tired and "burny" (that is a word, I'm sure) after a few minutes of reading/writing, so I'm not doing much of that. And boy, does that mean my timing is off.

I had signed up for an online course on how to expand my characters with non-verbal communication cues. (Mary Buckham's course is through Sisters-in-Crime.) I'm not participating in the exercises, but I am reserving them for later as well as the lectures. There's a TON of NVC stuff to learn that simply works! (Or works simply.) Ms. Buckham ( will also offer a course on sexual tension beginning in March (, but I think I'll have to pass until these eyes get fixed. But it does sound interesting. She says "it's geared to any writer who wants to make sure the dynamics between their male and female characters are coming across the way the author intended." Best of all, it's not just for romance writers, which I am not. I'm hoping the month-long class will be offered again next year.

Well, the eyes are giving out so I'm giving in.

Keep on keeping on, people. I will.


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