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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Helping A Writer

In looking over my resolution list for last year, I realized how poorly I did at meeting my goals. Life has a way of rearranging the pieces on the board without any warning, much like a four-year-old child who grows frustrated with losing a game and accidently tips the board so all the pieces are askew.

I started a new phase in my writing life just as I neared the big finish line with "final" revisions to AFDOC (my novel for you newbies to our site), and I went to work full time as a freelancer, mostly online. Lest you think I'm rolling in the dough, wait for it ---- I made less this year than any working year in my life. A sobering experience that created a new appreciation for the word freelancer. That is the impetus for a new series of blog posts over the next few months as I walk you through the agony and hopefully one-day ecstasy of freelancing.

Speaking of sobering, a good, writing friend of ours has been hit with a horrible situation, and I'm posting below the information that I hope all the writers who read this (and others as well) will take to heart and find it in your heart (and pocket) to help.

Nolan White, editor and writer for Great Days Outdoors magazine lost everything he owned (except his 40+ chickens and thankfully a family member in the house) when his house burned to the ground a few weeks ago. After sifting through the ruins, he found pages from a waterlogged manuscript, which he is still drying out to help him resurrect his novel trilogy. Nolan had no homeowners insurance at the time of the fire. His son, a woodworking artisan, lived with him and lost all of his stock and equipment.

Nolan is known throughout Baldwin County, AL as a friendly fellow who helps many, many people. Having escaped the big C with a great deal of difficulty only two years ago, Nolan could now use some assistance, so please remember him as you make your resolutions to reach out to others in need.

Nolan is the guy who shows up at writers’ meetings and critique groups with fresh eggs for everyone, bakes and brings the cake for refreshments, volunteers for numerous not-for-profits, and takes care of his family. He's the guy that keeps everybody up to date about literary happenings regionally and nationally. He’s the guy other writers should help. A $5.00 donation from a lot of people would be a big help to Nolan and his family.

United Bank in Baldwin County set up the House Fire fund in his name, J. Nolan White, for donations. The bank's address is 30500 Highway 181, Suite 100, Spanish Fort, Al 36527.

We appreciate your generosity. Mahala

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