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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alien History Teacher

While some kids may think they're history teachers are aliens, this group of creative writing students got a stab at the real thing with the following prompt: You walk into history class to discover you have a new teacher. A picture of a green half alien/half human woman typing on a laptop was shown to the students. Here is one student's imaginative story.

Caroline trudged down the hall, already dreading her next class. Mr. Mote, her History teacher, must have had the world's most monochromatic and melancholy voice ever to grace her ears; he could be talking about Napoleon one day and cavemen the next, but with a voice like his, it all sounded the same to her. Sighing, she pushed the History classroom door open. 

 Instantly she knew something wasn't right. There was a hush over the classroom, a dead silence that was foreign in a high school. For a second, Caroline thought the classroom was empty but there they were; the rest of the class sat with their backs as straight as planks in their chairs, their expressions odd as they stared at the front of the room. Caroline, completely baffled, followed their gaze and nearly jumped back in alarm, letting out an involuntary half-shriek. 

 There was an alien sitting at Mr. Mote's desk; she had a shiny green, egg-shaped head with colossal black bug eyes and a thin face. She turned her unblinking eyes to Caroline, who was now somehow bravely clutching the wall at the far side of the room (as far away from the alien as possible), with her eyes bugging as big as an anime character. She stared at the teacher with horror as though she was Cerberus, the giant three-headed demon dog with rabies. The alien teacher sighed as if her hunch had been correct. 

"Ms. Forbes, I presume? Mr. Mote had the foresight to warn me about you." She gestured placidly to an empty seat. "Well, sit down. I'm your new History teacher as of today." 

When Caroline made no move to sit, the alien teacher made a disapproving clucking noise. "Sit down, Ms. Forbes. Honestly, you're only embarrassing yourself. Would you rather have detention with me at lunch?"

Caroline sat down.                            by Caroline Forbes
Looks like Caroline is in for an interesting year!  Mahala


  1. Just found this blog and had to tell you and cj what wonderful tributes you wrote about my Tracy. Yes,I'm her Mom and you ladies are doing a great job here. Wish I knew how else to communicate with you.

    How are you doing?

    Marge Runion

  2. Marge, Tracy was a great light in many writers' lives. We miss her every day.


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