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Friday, September 12, 2014

Eastern Shore Institute of Lifelong Learning

The Eastern Shore Institute of Lifelong Learning will be starting fall classes the end of September  Classes are held in Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, and Foley. The courses are all about enjoyment and self-enrichment - there are no tests and no grades. Fees are very reasonable. Instructors share a passion for teaching and bring a wealth of personal experience to the classroom. You can check out all 72 Fall 2014 Classes and bios of the instructors at
 This term I will be teaching several repeat classes, blogging and creative writing, as well as a new class on revising your novel. Here is the basic information.

BLOGGING 101: THE BASICS  Whether you own a shop, work from home, or freelance—write, edit, sew, paint, or draw—blogging is an important tool in a small business owner’s kit for success, enabling you to increase your visibility and build a professional platform to increase your income.  This course will help you define your target audience and blog concept, learn what a blog  needs in the first 6-12 months of life, and identify how to write effective posts to build an audience. A blog takes planning; the good news is that it is all doable with a minimum of effort! With class discussion and worksheets to guide short homework assignments, Blogging 101 will move your creative ideas in the right direction.

CREATIVE WRITING: INTRODUCTION TO FICTION Creative writing is one of the most stimulating and fulfilling ways to express yourself, and age is never a factor! This course will expand your powers of observation, imagination, and language—the cornerstones of good writing. We will discuss various forms of creative writing to spark ideas, acquire confidence, 
and gain a sense of how to move forward with your writing. Through an overview of fiction basics, you will begin to weave together the basics of character, plot, point of view, voice, scenes, settings, narrative, and dialogue. In-class exercises and a touch of homework will assist you to merge class information and practical application. Pencils, pens, and laptops welcome.

REVISE YOUR NOVEL New Course! Revision is a chance to look critically at the novel you’ve written. It is hard work, but the vital substance that separates a so-so novel from a good, even great one     an opportunity to determine if you said what youwanted to say and if readers will understand it.  You will be guided through an organized process to effective revision of your work-in-progress and learn tips to move the process forward. In-class exercises and weekly homework will assist you to merge class information with practical application. Pencils, pens, and laptops welcome. Class size is limited.

 Looking forward to seeing you in class!


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