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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Onward! Looking hopefully forward to a Far-Better year

cj Sez: I did not make a New Year’s resolution. To me, the word insinuates a passive ending, something resolved. My career in a corporate environment taught me to use the word “goal,” a word that infers action, a constant striving to reach it or be defeated. I will change direction and adjust my expectations if necessary, but I will not be defeated.

   As it was for 2021, my one goal this year is to not quit writing for public consumption because the thought seriously (seriously) crossed my mind. I struggled for weeks before I made the decision to re-up my memberships for 2022 in the Mobile Writers Guild, Sisters in Crime and their on-line Guppy chapter. Memberships in other organizations were renewed in the middle of 2021, so I have yet to reconsider those for 2022-2023.  

    I love words. Even more so than the plot of a story, the syntax and cadence of a well-crafted sentence, paragraph, chapter, story invites me to read those lines over and over.  But my personal writing enthusiasm wanes and ennui waxes when I contemplate finding a critique group/partner and having to go through the tedious processes of self-publishing and marketing of novels. Marketing dollars, of course, are the main deterrent for me. I think I earned less than $20 in royalties last year.

 “Goals are dreams we convert to plans 
and take action to fulfill.” Zig  Ziglar
   For 2022, I must make a monthly budget/plan for marketing.


 2021 publishing recap:

   I took a flyer with an interactive gaming publisher, Crazy Maple Studios, and submitted my stand-alone thriller/suspense novels for their new app. My intent was to get more exposure of my author name and works. I think it worked.

   I submitted two short stories that were accepted:

      “Ida, Fate, and Mister Leon” was published in the Mobile Writer’s Guild STORMY PIECES anthology.  

Buy Stormy Now   Free on Kindle Unlimited and $1.99 for ebook at the time of this post.

      “The Firebug” short story accepted for THE BIG FANG publication by a west Michigan humane society is now scheduled to be launched sometime in 2022.

   I submitted a short story for a proposed 2022 Mobile Writers Guild anthology but am still awaiting a yea or nay acceptance notice.

   I began work on a flash memoir piece in response to a call-for-submissions. 



    When I first saw Mr. Scrappy Rooster on Facebook, I wasn't sure if he was the winner or the loser. Then I thought, he's not only upright, he’s strutting, He’s definitely the winner.

   I said last January that I was thinking about making him my mascot for 2021 and should have, because I look a lot like him as I skid into 2022.


   I want to end this first Lyrical Pens post of 2022 with one of Billy Graham’s prayers for a new beginning for all of us in another uncertain year…
“Our Father and our God, as we stand at the beginning of this new year we confess our need of Your presence and Your guidance as we face the future. We each have our hopes and expectations for the year that is ahead of us—but You alone know what it holds for us, and only You can give us the strength and the wisdom we will need to meet its challenges. So help us to humbly put our hands into Your hand, and to trust You and to seek Your will for our lives during this coming year. In the midst of life’s uncertainties in the days ahead, assure us of the certainty of Your unchanging love.” —Billy Graham

   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same. 


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  1. Goals vs. resolutions ... a great point.

  2. cj Sez: I have come to believe the subtle meaning of a word affects a person's unconscious action/response. Thanks for the comment, Debra.

  3. I'm glad you decided to keep writing. I think my "one" goal is to get this "one" novel published. Maybe some others, too, but I'd really like to get that one out there. Oh, and a new agent. Sorry, that's two.

    1. cj Sez: I'd say "fingers crossed" that you'll get that one novel published, but I think your new agent will get it done for you. Maybe we can still count that as one goal. I appreciate your comments, Kaye.

    2. IF I get a new agent. But you're right. The new agent should be the goal. I'm trying to get the novel accepted in Berkley's open window right now, then, on to the agent hunt. Again.

    3. cj Sez: I've never had an agent, so I have no idea how to offer any helpful hints. Good hunting!


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